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During the warm summer months, you want your home’s air conditioner to keep it nice and comfortable all the time. Unfortunately, unexpected breakdowns can occur even when you take the utmost precautions. In the event that they do, call us at 888-859-4903 for 24 Hour AC Service so that we can get your system back up and running as quickly as we possibly can.

We are of the opinion that nobody should have to go without air conditioning for multiple days at a time while they are waiting for regular business hours or a time slot for an appointment to become available. Because of this, we offer emergency repairs for air conditioners around the clock throughout the United States. If you give us a call on the weekend or a holiday, no matter what time of day or night it is, we will be there within a few hours, not several days.

What Kinds of Problems Are Considered to Be an AC Emergency?

Some malfunctions of air conditioners are bothersome, but the repairs might have to wait until regular business hours to be performed. On a steamy summer day, you might find that you need emergency repairs for your air conditioner in order to feel secure and comfortable again. The following is a list of some of the most typical reasons why clients seek emergency repair services for their air conditioners from us:

  • My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On: If you are unable to cool your home because of a malfunction in your HVAC system, you have an emergency situation on your hands. To get started, check to see that none of the circuit breakers have tripped and that the condensing unit that is located outdoors is connected. In the event that these troubleshooting actions do not resolve the issue, please get in touch with our specialists for assistance.
  • My air conditioner kicks on, but it isn’t actually cooling: Before you contact for an emergency repair for the air conditioner, check to see that the thermostat is set to the “auto” rather than the “on” position. If this does not work, there may be a problem with the compressor or a low refrigerant charge; both of these issues may be quickly determined by our AC repair professionals.
  • My air conditioner is making strange noises or releasing strange smells: After using it for a number of years, you have most likely become familiar with the sound that your air conditioner makes. Sounds like pounding, screaming, or ticking that are out of the ordinary and coming from either the outdoor unit or the air handler could be an indication of a problem. In a similar vein, musty odors may indicate the presence of dangerous mold growth in the air conditioning unit, whilst a burning odor may indicate an electrical problem. Before you turn on the air conditioner again, you should be sure that these issues have been rectified.
  • My air conditioner keeps shutting off: The problem could be short-cycling if my air conditioner keeps turning off. If the air conditioner only turns on for a few seconds before turning off, the problem could be caused by a clogged filter or a malfunctioning thermostat. In most cases, short-cycling necessitates the participation of an expert. The right operation of your air conditioner will be restored by our personnel so that it may continue to do its job.

Maintaining your air conditioner on a regular basis will help reduce the need for repairs.

Regular air conditioner maintenance should be a high priority every spring if you don’t want to be surprised by a breakdown when it’s needed the most. Your air conditioner’s need for repairs can be reduced by having it serviced regularly. This is accomplished by identifying and resolving problems as they appear, in addition to preparing the machine for the upcoming cooling season. Not to mention the fact that a well-designed air conditioner will have a lower monthly operating cost!

Get in Touch With Us If You Need Emergency Repairs for Your Air Conditioner.

Call us whenever you need repair work done on your air conditioner, and we will provide you with skilled service and results that will endure for a long time. We are aware that each and every property possesses its own individual characteristics, which is why we take the time to assess your particular air conditioning needs and ensure that your cooling system is operational as quickly as we possibly can.

If your air conditioner is damaged, give us a call at the number 888-859-4903 right now and ask for emergency or 24-hour AC repair service.

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